You are the mother wolf teaching
and guiding us as one.
Because of your knowledge,
we now see the sun.

Shinning your light on those you know.
Setting examples so we can grow.
Becoming a unit, a pack if we dare.
The hopes and dreams we all can share.

You are the Florida Wolf Lady
in every sense of the word.
Because of you, in every county,
a wolf can be heard.
Spencer's legend will live for years,
I know this for a fact.
For you are the mother wolf
of the Florida Human Pack.

You are appreciated and thought
a lot everywhere
and that's what it takes,
a wolf mother who cares.
Knowledge is crucial,
friends are like gold,
like a warrior spirit, eyes fixed and true,
like the Osceola County beta female
who wrote this for you.

As you are the alpha female
that will see us through.
Now and forevermore,
it is written everywhere
Spencer's wolf legend will be there.

by: Cheryl Hazzard



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He conquered me like love at first site.
As our eyes met, I knew he was right.
I decided to make him mine,
he could be king of a new line.

A handsome pup of impeccable credentials,
his structure was beautiful, full of essentials.
A spark in his eye, a smile on his face,
his movements were fluid and full of grace.

I took him home, to meet his new mate,
Sherry was happy and came to the gate.
As the months rolled by, he blossomed and grew,
soon he became just one of the crew.

A sentinel at the gate, with a grin ear to ear,
he mobbed me with nips and kisses, when I would appear.
A thief by nature, guiltless with youth,
he snatches things up and he is gone in a poof!

A silent pose like a ghost at dawn,
into the background, he would blend like fawn.
Always joyful to celebrate life,
he was never bothered with everyday strife.

His weakness was that of being wild,
confinement, the enemy, of this forest child.
As he grew everyday, older and older,
his attempts at escape, became bolder and bolder.

He would go over and under a sturdy fence,
chase mice in the pasture with his wild sense.
Every attempt I made to keep him secure,
he conquered so easily, so very demure.

Alas his quest brought to an end,
the short life of "SKY", my beautiful friend.
His howls now are silent where I can't hear it.
He is now a song of nature and spirit.

by: Fran Plummer