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Where are you going to keep this pup?" a question thatis often asked by the breeder when purchasing a pup.

Every reputable breeder would love for their animals togo to a place where they could have lots of acres to run.

That is not always possible and it doesn't mean you can'thave a happy wolfdog if you live in the city. There are

many ways of creating safe and secure containment,while still keeping your animal very happy. In some of

these photos, you will see some ideas for housing, containment and entertainment for your wolfdogs.



There are many forms of containment. The following are just a few.

Many more may been seen by checking with wolfdunn.

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They do not have to be unattractive. Once your kennel is secure you can plant trees and flowers

to provide shade as well as give your kennel a look you can be proud of.

However don't plant to close or your animal may not give anything a chance to grow.

They think every thing is edible you know !

This is a kennel that can be used to hold any escape artist until a bigger enclosure can be built. It is made with 9 gauge chain link and is wired and welded at the top. Palm leaves or tarps can be added to the top for shade. It is a good feeling to put an animal who has been given up by their owner into this kennel and walk away knowing that the animal will be there safe and sound when you return. When building containment for your animal do it right the first time . It saves time, money and heartache. We will be glad to help with any containment problems you may have. Remember ALL animals can be contained. If you can't contain them you're not smart enough to own them. I don't mean that to be disrespectful to anyone, but containment is all part of the package and it really is not that difficult. Most animals that come into rescue do so because their owners could not keep them contained. For every problem you can have with these animals there is a solution other than giving them up. Please call us for advice, we would be only to glad to help.

Notice the hot wire on top. It works wonders for animals who like to jump but we have another
method for those who can ignore the hotwire.

Double entries are good to prevent animals from slipping past you as you enter their enclosure.
They are especially good if your entire perimeter is not fenced.

Concrete skirting keeps diggers in and the angle of 45 degrees at the top foils every attempt to jump or climb.
The grassy area in the center is also completely chainlinked. There is no way of escape. It takes a bit
of work but is well worth it. The animals in this enclosure are quite happy and never even attempt to leave.
However it is good to know that if the idea crossed their mind for a little cross country trip they
would give up quickly.

Animals like a nice environment with a view of what's going on.



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